The Balancing Owl Yoga Community...

Our priority at the studio is to provide a safe community where everyone feels supported, loved and Empowered. See below For a few words from our students….

Q- What has been the best lesson you have learned about yourself through yoga here at Balancing Owl?

  • “Patience”

  • “That I can do yoga my own way and nobody judges me”

  • “I can commit to taking time to exercise and relax regularly”

  • “I love my life and deserve to honor myself in practice”

  • “I’ve learned that yoga calms me and makes me breathe”

  • “I’ve learned the interconnection of my mind and body, the way in which they exist in a non-dual relationship”

  • “I have learned that my mat is my island. My focus needs to remain on my own practice and how I bring it to the world”

  • “I actually am capable of shutting off my mind and really relaxing”

  • “To love me for being me. I am enough”

  • “There is no age at which I or any woman should consider themselves beyond the ability to try or learn something new”

  • “Yoga is for every body”

  • “Even though I have chronic pain and worry about future injuries, I can comfortably attend all of the classes at Balancing Owl. I am comfortable making adjustments when I need to and that is very encouraging”

  • I can achieve balance, both physically and mentally”

Q- What Have you Learned from our Teachers?

  • “I have found the instructors to be a loving, cohesive community of like-minded yogi’s who openly share themselves and their knowledge. They meet there students right where they are- and work with each student to raise the level of their practice together with compassion and encouragement”

  • “Carol has taught me I cannot do it all”

  • “Laurie is a true gift and I’m so glad she bought the studio. I love what she’s done with it. It’s like my second home”

  • Caitlyn’s classes are so wonderful and I love that she helps us focus on breathing out loud”

  • “The teachers at this studio are so loving and caring. They share real life experiences of where they’ve been and it helps to motivate me that I can achieve my goals as well”

  • “With Stephanie’s guidance, my confidence is improving. I can manage my back pain daily”

  • “Anne has a beautiful energy and every class with her is a gift”

  • “Not only are the teachers welcoming but the fellow students are welcoming as well”

  • “I absolutely LOVE Nia with Janis. She exudes joy and warmth, and has the most beautiful spirit. She inspires me to be my best self”

  • “Emily is a gifted instructor who puts much thought into every detail of each class she plans. Every session is always well-planned and the execution is truly flawless. It has been a pleasure to know Emily and to enjoy her wonderful classes”

  • “Laurie gave me two words: Allow & Trust. This was profound in my current situation”

  • “Carol was the perfect instructor to guide me through beginner yoga and has been a guiding light for me”

  • “Mary has been transformative in enabling me to address trauma through yoga, meditation and ayurveda”

  • “Caitlyn is awesome. I love coming to Restorative on Sundays”

  • “I’ve had many transformative experiences with Anne and Laurie”

  • “Stephanie is so knowledgeable about the body”

  • “Carol has taught me to believe in myself. I’m so grateful”