Massage Therapy

Release stress and tension with massage therapy in our peaceful surroundings with a Licensed Massage Therapists!


Caitlyn Shaver, LMT, completed her massage therapy training at The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2010.  Caitlyn received extensive training, primarily working along side integrative medicine physicians within intensive care units and oncology units, ante and post partum units, as well as, trauma rehab centers. Caitlyn also took on clients that required specialized therapy through The Center for Integrative Medicine while working at The Ohio State Wexner Medical center (OSUMC).  Her training includes: Relaxation/Swedish techniques, Deep Tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, prenatal and oncology massage. She is also certified through ACE Massage Cupping and offers Cupping Massage at the studio.

What is Cupping Massage? Cupping is an ancient modality of alternative medicine that can help break down superficial and deep fascia, scar tissue build up and adhesion more efficiently. Small cups are placed on specific parts of the body where tension is being held.  Using a hand held pump, negative pressure is then used to pull the fascia apart creating suction. The cups are placed anywhere between 5-7 minutes to allow for old stagnant or “dirty blood” as the traditional Chinese medicine describes, to come up to the surface allowing for new nourishing blood and lymph to penetrate the area. Depending on the severity of stagnation, a person could experience having circular marks that look like bruising. These are referred to as cupping kisses. It is due to the vasodilation occurring in the body and the rush of old blood being pulled quickly from the arteries to the capillaries. Please note that these marks are to be expected and will dissipate within 5-7 days and do not cause harm to the body.

Beth Alden, LMT, received her Ohio massage therapy license in 1995 after attending the Central Ohio School of Massage. She is trained in Swedish massage and subtle energy techniques, including Reiki, Polarity and Cranial Sacral therapy. She has provided massage to private clients, Mt. Carmel and Heartland Hospice, Riverside, Mt. Carmel and Grant Hospitals and Bing Integrative Center oncology patients, as well as visiting dancers and entertainers through the Wexner Center for the Arts. Beth enjoys creating a massage tailored to your specific needs, combining massage techniques and central nervous system calming to facilitate deep healing and relaxation. Beth offers her “Blissful Massage” with a standard massage appointment, or “Cranialsacral Therapy”. See below for descriptions of each.

Blissful Massage: Experience relaxation and healing with a combination of Swedish massage and subtle energy techniques that deepen stillness and calm. Hot stones are woven into the session to deepen the experience.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: Calming touch with a light pressure (the weight of a nickel) assists the body to release restrictions in the central nervous system. Such restrictions my have created chronic pain, headaches, connective tissue disorders and central nervous system issues. Clients remain clothed and are wrapped securely in a blanket. Often clients fall asleep or enter a deep meditative state during this session. This deep, relaxed state awakens the body’s natural healing ability. This is recommended for chronic problems that have not responded to other modalities. It is common that deep sleep follows after a cranialsacral session, so clear your evening calendar so you can continue the deep relaxing!

Fees & Registration

New Client Special: $70 * Single Session: $80 * 3-Pack: $225 ($75 each) * 5-Pack: $350 ($70 each)

See below to schedule online, contact us or call 614-975-0353. NOTE: Massages cancelled within 24-hours of appointment will be charged 50%.