Wendy Adaska, instructor

Called to the healing arts over 24 years ago, Wendy recently followed intuitive directives to add the practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga to her repertoire of Massage Therapy and Spiritual Mentoring. Having personally experienced the power of Kundalini Yoga to dissolve physical, mental and emotional blocks, she knew she had to participate in making it available to individuals who are ready to integrate all aspects of their Being, to connect with their radiant compassionate selves, and to embrace the Divine Love that is present within All.

Wendy has studied anatomy and physiology in depth, and understands the physical body on many levels. Her spiritual quest began about the time she started to walk, and has led her to seek and study various spiritual disciplines and how they can potentially benefit one’s life. Teaching Kundalini Yoga, with it’s emphasis on uniting the physical with the spiritual, allows Wendy to serve others on their path to healing and transformation. For this incredible blessing, she is so grateful!