Kelly Schulze, Instructor

RYT 200 (RYT 500 to be completed in 2019), Kelly loves exploring the physical, emotional, and mental body; discovering its unbridled strength and hidden (or not so hidden) challenges. Yoga is an ideal instrument to explore these components and discover the inter-connection of each layer of our True Self.

Outside, on a preferably warm sunny day with her family and friends is where Kelly can be found. Always barefoot, on and off the yoga mat, finding new ways to balance in her life. Often referred to as animated and loving (maybe a little organized… possibly an understatement), Kelly is often found cooking in her kitchen playing with new and old recipes alike.

25 years ago, Kelly could be found in gyms and training facilities working out and teaching new techniques and classes such as kickboxing. During this time using Yoga to help recover and heal from workouts and injuries. After 15 years in the high school classroom, Kelly has found a way to connect these 2 passions and help others find their balance physically and mentally in life. She has a 200-hour teaching certification from Yoga on High and is currently completing her 300-hour teaching certification in the next year. Her work emphasizes a Hatha-based practice with a focus on therapeutic work. Kelly has created a program called "Together in Motion" to support students with special needs and abilities, connecting with their body, breath and caregivers! In addition to this work, she is also a certified iRest Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Y12SR instructor.