Student Spotlight- Shweta Ambwani


Shweta Ambwani

Q- What is your primary purpose for doing yoga? What keeps you motivated and how long have you been practicing? 

For me, it was originally a way to escape stress and improve my mental health. Now, it's become a part of my lifestyle from how much it's changed it. The progress I see in my myself and the yoga community are two things that keep me motivated. It's crazy, but I've only been practicing since December 2017!

Q- How do you keep yourself going when life gets in the way? 

Breathing and being present are two huge lessons I've learned and two that I'm still working on embodying. After all, yoga teaches you how to breath when life puts you in difficult situations :)

 Q- What have you noticed are the biggest benefits of doing yoga? How has it made a difference in your life?

So much, I could talk about this forever. Mainly, I now have breathing techniques that have helped me though numerous situations. I've also noticed so much change in my body and flexibility. Finally, it's made me realize so much about life- how we're interconnected, the importance and profoundness of energy, trust, intuition, and the list keeps going on and on.

Q- What one thing do you like to share with others about yoga (especially for people who haven't tried it). 

It'll change your life. It'll help you live a deeper and more enriching life. It's absolutely worth trying if you haven't already.