Sonia Bertrand, Nia Instructor

Sonia Bertrand has been dancing since she was 5. Born in France, this is where she got the ballet steps and Jazz moves imprinted in her cells. She is a strong believer that "there are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." (Vicki Baum).

When she was introduced to Nia at Balancing Owl Yoga in August 2016, she immediately knew she wanted to teach this sensory-based, movement practice. As a sensory scientist, also certified in aromatherapy, the senses have no secrets for her. With Nia, she wants to guide people toward making sense of their senses, healing their mind and body through the joy of movement, combining dance, yoga and martial arts.

Sonia (renamed SoNia by her trainer Laurie Bass) took her White Belt training at the Nia Headquarter in Portland, OR in February 2017 and her Green Belt in May 2017. She is looking forward to making a very large range of people (kids, elderly, men, women, athletes or not) dance through life, their bodies' way!