Lori Davis, Instructor

RYT-200 (August, 2018)- Lori is a graduate of the FYE Yoga Teacher Training Program hosted by Balancing Owl.  She also received her PIYO Yoga Pilates certification in 2018.

Lori believes that the mind/body connection is extremely important through all phases of life as she found when she first began her yoga practice in 2001. She then studied Bikram Yoga as a way to alleviate stress when she was VP of Marketing at Cardinal Health and a mother of 3! Through the years, she has grown to love her practice as a way to be in the moment of life, savor every second, and breathe joy into the world around her. Lori found her way to Balancing Owl when she was having issues with hip pain and restless leg syndrome. She believes that becoming a monthly member and focusing on her practice was her saving grace!

When you join one of Lori’s classes, you will feel her passion for this practice right away! Lori teaches Yoga Pilates, which incorporates strength into the yoga mind/body practice, adding a dimension that will condition your body, activate your spirit and improve your sense of well-being. Her gentle yet challenging approach is contagious as is how she treats life! Lori and her husband, Brent, have lived in Dublin for over 25 years and raised three kids, Brandon, Alex and Amanda. If she is not in the yoga studio, you may find her kayaking down the Scioto, walking for miles in the neighborhood or hanging out in downtown (Dublin!). An interesting fact that not many know is that Lori’s spiritual name is Amrit Radha Kaur, the sacred Princess/Lioness who masters the spiritual path of accepting the nectar of God’s grace into her heart.