Colleen Melville-Shultz, Instructor

Colleen Melville-Shultz, RYT200 found yoga after spending too much time being stressed. Learning how to breathe through difficult poses on the mat, she has also learned how to breathe through difficult "poses" in life. Through her teaching, you will see that any pose is possible over time. In fact, Colleen is still working on poses. Because yoga, much like life is never perfect, it's never "done." From your time with her, you will not only learn how to breathe and move through your poses, but you will also learn that balance is something important both on and off the mat.

Colleen also works as a Lab Technician, taking care of people while also training and educating others to do the same. In her free time, she has taken total charge of her celiac disease by perfecting recipes as the Founder, CEO, and Head Chef of "Freckle Face Baker" where she makes wonderful desserts anyone (yes, even vegans) can enjoy while still eating healthy ingredients. And all those other hours in the day she spends working on her yoga practice.